Independence Day of Norway

Like any other country Norway also celebrates their Independence Day on the day it became free from foreign invasion. The Norwegians got their independence after being under the Danish rule for some 400 years on 17th of May 1814.

Norway had her own very peaceful revolution in 1814, which consisted of calling a constitutional convention declaring Norway a free kingdom, and thus the Independence Day of Norway came along. On this day the Kingdom of Norway's constitution was signed by the national assembly at Eidsvoll, making Norway a free and independent nation. The Norwegian constitution was the most modern in Europe at the time. This Constitution day is still the most widely celebrated events in the nation, but is done differently from that of other nations.

The Independence Day of Norway is not celebrated with large military parades and displays of the most terrifying military parades with arms and weapons. Rather this day is referred to as Norway's birthday with party-clothed children and adults who walk in a parade singing. This day is for all freedom loving people, a day for the future and thus a day for all children - young and old. Parades and marches are held all over in the country by children singing and dancing in colorful costumes. Varied types of banners, flags and bands are used to make it a lively occasion.

It is the spring celebration of Norway, celebrated from the smallest villages to the big city, from the lowliest backwater to the capital city where the royal family waves to the passing procession from the palace balcony. Norwegians Independence Day is famous even among foreigners who all delight in experiencing this special occasion.


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