Norway’s Art and Culture

A combination of history and geography of Norway helps in giving a panoramic view of the various aspects of the Norwegian culture. This is because of the traces of the ancient farm culture of Norway and the following nationalist movement that are still apparent in the contemporary Norwegian culture. The culture also has its foundations in the Jante Law, which opposes the superiority of any one person above the other person and considers that no person is special. Here is describing the various cultural trends existing in Norway-

Art and Music Traditions
When we think of the pioneer among the Norwegian artists, it is Edvard Munch whose name comes to mind. He has made a leading contribution in the field expressionist art, which mainly portrays the state of mind of the artist rather than the external view. His famous painting ‘The Scream’ shows varied aspects of mental states surrounded by external scenery. Many progressive modernist artists like Gunnar S. Gundersen later followed Edvard Munch’s art traditions, which were further adopted by Adolph Tideman, JC Dahl and Hans Gude, well known painters of the romantic period. In the field of music, several compositions of modern and classical genre have gained amazing recognition through the works of Arne Nordheim and Edvard Grieg. This has resulted in the export of Norwegian music to other countries as well.

Norway has in its store several Nobel Prize winners including Sigrid Undset, Knut Hamsun and Bjornstjerne Bjornson. Norwegian playwright Henrik Ibsen is known for the remarkable contribution he has made in the literature of Norway through his famous plays including A Doll’s House, The Lady from the Sea and Peer Gynt.


Among the popular Norwegian festivals, it is the May 17 celebrations of the National Day, paying obeisance to the Norway’s Constitution, topping the main festivals. The whole country celebrates it with great enthusiasm. Apart from this, Norway also celebrates Christian festivals such as Christmas and Easter.


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