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Cities of Norway

The Cities of Norway comprise a number of enchanting cities, each recognized for its unlimited inducements in its own unique way. Because the cities are so many, the description of only a few of primary importance is given below –

Norway’s largest city, also awarded by the title of the capital city, enjoys a pleasant continental type of climate with extremely cold and long winters and warm and humid summers. Among its fascinating attractions, antique museums and cathedrals primarily are the major ones that make the list. The Oslo City museum contains about thousand stunning paintings and six thousand amazing works of art, along with a vast library preserving ancient documents. The Holmenkollen Ski Museum, eminent for being the oldest in the world protects the tools and equipments belonging to the Stone Age, forming the relics of skiing history. The Hallaverds Cathedral and Oslo Cathedral count to be the City’s best cathedrals. For shopping freaks, Gronland and Bogstadvein are the most fashionable shopping destinations. Briefly, the City has a mixture of everything that reminds us of the prevailing culture of Norway.

Surrounded by the mountain range named as de syv fjell, which is a bunch of ‘seven mountains’, Bergen is quite eminent for the giant fjords, which have gained recognition for Norway from world over. Doubling its fame is the name given to it as being the largest hot spot for ship cruising in the whole Europe. Moreover, the inter-municipal harbour of Bergen also holds the title of the greatest port in Europe. It comes under the fourteen capital cities that have employed themselves in the activities such as marine research and aquaculture.

The city is built alongside the river Glomma and buzzes with hustle and bustle of the urban life for which it is known as the fifth largest in Norway. Presently the city is a hub of various chemical and other industries.

Topographically, this city is a part of Sorlandet with Grimstad and Froland forming the edges in the southwest and northwest directions. Its spectacular coastline with various tiny islands makes it an amazing place for tourists that enjoy the perky nightlife and extraordinary charm of this place. The stunning lighthouses popularly known as Lille Torungen and Store Tourengen constitute a very peculiar kind of attractions of Norway. The city is also vibrant with colorful festivals, which can be seen celebrated mainly on the famous Tromoy Island, witnessing an audience of more than twenty thousand.


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