Norway’s Geography

Situated in the most extreme Northwestern peninsular area of Scandinavia in the Northern Europe, Norway is surrounded by huge water bodies. It includes Barents Sea, North Sea and the Norwegian Sea covering the vast area that comes under the western side of Norway. The other opposite side situated in the southeastern part contains the neighboring countries comprising Sweden, Finland and Russia. The country appears like a resting animal with its head in the south and the entire body spreading towards the Northeast. Because of having a very large coastline dotted with an approximate number of fifty thousand islands, it is a perfect place for beach lovers. The country is packed with the ranges of Scandinavian mountains that further increase the beauty of this place. The location of this place comes under the latitude of 58-degree N to 71-degree N and the longitude of 5-degree E to 31-degree E.

The country contains many famous fjords that were mainly formed during the ice age that led to the emergence of a large number of valleys. When melted ice water entered these valleys, result was the formation of fjords. One of the eminent fjords of Norway is Sognefjorden, which has earned the title of being the second deepest fjord in the world. As the consequence of ice age, the sea level has risen in many areas. For instance, the sea level in Oslo has risen up to 221m and in Trodheim, a rise of 180 m has been seen. This has made the land of these areas very fertile and very useful for agricultural purposes.

The climate of Norway, over the years, has shown rise in the temperatures that melted the ice formations that had existed since the ice age. To describe in few words, the topographical location of Norway adds to its advantage of having all the pleasant physical features that makes it the favorite place for tourists.


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