Norway’s Heritage

Norway’s Heritage shows the signs of history almost in every site that can be counted in its World Heritage List. Many historical relics with wooden work and intricately carved inscriptions on them delineate how old and valuable a country’s heritage can be. Some of its marvelous sites are listed below-

Bryggen is an ancient city, covering a part of the second largest city of Norway, well known as Bergen. Historically, it brings the remembrance of the commercial empire that remained till sixteenth century for the Hanseatic League. Its surviving wooden houses are quite popular even today, earning everyone’s admiration.

Urnes Stave Church
Urnes Stave Church, constructed in the twelfth century solely of wood and situated in Sogn og Fjordane, is a church oldest in the country has its own way of attracting people towards it. Its doorway, which is as old as hundred years, its architecture that reminds of the Scandinavian designs and its artistic inscriptions that resembles the themes and designs usually used by Christians, along with a addition of the trends used in antique Viking art. All this makes it unique in its own way.

Roros Mining Town
Roros Mining Town in Central Norway is a town where people are largely in the occupation of copper mining. Its timber houses constructed in traditional style can be found in line with the narrow streets, reminding of the bygone days of the medieval era. It has market, famous with the name of Rorosmarthan, which yearly draws a huge number of people to shop, throughout the winter season.

Rock Carvings of Alta
The Rock Carvings of Alta can be spotted in the area near the town of Alta in a whopping number of more than five thousand. They basically depict the religious beliefs of the people usually involved in the activity of farming and hunting, dating back to 500 BC. These hand made carvings also reminds of the ancient culture and the way of life of the people of that era. The apparently rich culture inscribed in these carvings is well exhibited in the Alta museum, containing about three thousand carvings.

West Norwegian Fjords- Geirangerfjord and Naeroyford
Spread across the area of about five hundred kilometers in the southern Norway, the two fjords appear with marvelous landscape and intriguing scenery. Their towering rock walls give way to several glaciers, rivers and waterfalls that pass through deep forests that cover the geographical area of these fjords. Such rich terrestrial and marine features make them a fascinating tourist destination.

Vegaoyan, The Vega Archipelago
Vegaoyan comprises of a huge bunch of six thousand islands depicting the way of life of the fishermen and farmers that has existed in the child climate of the Arctic Circle over a period of fifteen hundred years. Even today, people stay there in eider ducks and busy themselves in duck harvesting.


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