National Flag Norway

The national flag of Norway was officially adopted on July 17, 1821 . Designed by a member of parliament, Fredrik Meltzer in 1821 , the national flag of Norway symbolizes democracy and reflects Norway's close ties with Sweden and Denmark.


Norwegian national flag consists of an indigo blue cross with white borders on a bright red background. The vertical arm of the blue Scandinavian cross extends to the edges of the flag pole and is shifted to the hoist side in the style of the Dannebrog or the Danish flag . The overall width-to-height proportions of the flag are 22:16, its color elements having a width of 6:1:2:1:12 and a height of 6:1:2:1:6.

The red, white and blue colors are said to be influenced by the French Tricolor , as a symbol of liberty. The Norwegian flag was also inspired by the flags of the United Kingdom and the United States . While the off-centered white Scandinavian Cross is taken from the Danish flag , the blue cross is the Cross of Sweden .

At the time of designing the flag, Fredrik Meltzer chose a Christian cross following the tradition of other Nordic countries , the Denmark and Sweden. The color red, white and blue were chosen to denote democracy, as these were used in the flags of comparably democratic states like the Netherlands, United Kingdom, The United States, and France. Meltzer's design also refers to the red and white Danish flag, which has also been Norway's flag till 1814.

Laws concerning the national flag of Norway

The Norwegian national flag law of 1898 stipulates the appearance of the merchant and state flags and their use by merchant ships, customs and post vessels. The 1927 flag regulations additionally describe the use of the state flag on state property and on national holidays and also the time of day when the flag should be drawn. Some unwritten rules also exist stating how the flag should be folded, that it should never touch the ground, and that it should not be worn on the body below the waist.


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