National Symbols of Norway

The National Symbols of Norway reflect the valuable existing wealth of the nation in the form of people and other resources and define its peculiar characteristic in their own way. Here is describing Norway’s National symbols:

The National Flag of Norway
Designed by Fredrik Meltzer in the year 1821, the flag of Norway consists of the Christian cross that can also be found on the flag of the countries like Sweden, Finland, Iceland and Denmark. The cross is imprinted on the red background of the flag.

The cross also is an emblem of the country’s faith in Christianity. This common feature exists in all the Nordic countries and is shown in their respective national flags.

The three colors including white, blue and red signify the strong democratic ideals and the principles of liberalism that got inspiration from the American and French revolutions. They are the symbol of Norway’s political foundation.

The Coat of Arms of Norway
The Coat of Arms of Norway has a lot of historical importance related to it. Belonging to the royal house, the lion symbol was first introduced by the King Hakon in the thirteenth century. After that a crown and an axe were supplemented to the symbol in the year 1280.

However, the Coat of Arms went through a lot of changes till it gained its present design, which was established in the year 1992. In spite of changes, the Coat of Arms contains a permanent feature of the crown and the lion. This makes it oldest and unique throughout the Europe. The structure of the crown of the Court of Arms consists of gold base with embellishments of gems and pearls. The crown, field and the shield together signify the pervading royal order of St Olav in the whole country.

The National Anthem of Norway
The National Anthem of Norway starts with lines ‘Ja, vi elsker dette landet’ that announce the affirmation of the Norwegians’ love for their country. Bjornstjerne Bjornson did the composition of its lyrics that were formed using a mixture of Norwegian and Danish languages. The whole song pays obeisance to their country, which has undergone a series of trails and finally achieved the victory of freedom.

Norway’s National Animal, Bird and Flower
With elk as the National Animal, purple heather being its National Flower and dipper as its national bird, Norway gives an emphasis to the unique characteristic attached to being an independent nation.


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