Pakistan National Heroes



Some of the pioneers of the Pakistan movement who are deemed to be the national heroes today are as follows:

Muhammad Ali Jinnah (1876 - 1948)

A lawyer by profession, Quaid-i-Azam Mohammad Ali Jinnah was actively involved in the fight for freedom of India from the Britain Raj. Jinnah was a visible supporter of Hindu-Muslim unity, but differences with Mohandas Gandhi regarding the civil disobedience strategies made him break away from Indian National Congress in 1930 and he started focussing on an independent Muslim nation which he succeeded in obtaining in 1947. Jinnah followed the motto of Iman, Ittihad and Nazm, meaning Faith, Unity, and Discipline, which is engraved on the National Emblem of Pakistan.


Mohtarma Fatima Jinnah

The younger sister of Mohammad Ali Jinnah was an instrumental figure in the Pakistan movement. She was the primary organizer of the All India Muslim Women Students Federation, and remained active in politics even after the death of her brother in 1947. Mohtarma Fatima Jinnah is considered to be the Mother of the Pakistan nation.


Liaqat Ali Khan

Liaqat Ali Khan was the 1st Prime Minister of the newly born nation of Pakistan. He also held the portfolio of defence minister and Commonwealth, Kashmir Affairs. Liaqat Ali Khan held the position of the Finance Minister of India during the interim government of British India. After his assassination in 1951 he was given the title of "Shaheed-e-Millat", or "Martyr of the Nation".


Allama Mohammad Iqbal (1877 - 1938)

Allama Mohammad Iqbal served as the president of the Muslim League in 1930. He was a staunch supporter of an independent homeland for the Muslims of India. In fact he is considered as the spiritual founder of Pakistan. He expressed his beliefs in his Urdu poetic compositions urging the regeneration of Islam. He was knighted in 1922.



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