Panama Independence Day

National Flag of panama

Panama celebrates Independence Day on the 28th of November every year. Independence for Panama came in different stages through the month of November. While on 3rd November Panama celebrates its independence from Columbia, on November 10th it became independent from Spain, and on 28th of November Panama gained the status of a completely sovereign country.


  • Panama was first a Spanish colony.
  • It freed itself from the control of Spain with assistance from Colombia.
  • When the Panama Canal was being built with the support of the USA, Colombia did not want to work along to complete the project.
  • This caused discontentment among the people of Panama, as the canal meant improved economic and social conditions for the people of the nation.
  • A Panamanian faction with the help of Panama Canal Company engineered a revolution.
  • In 1903, on the 3rd of November, the Hay-Herrán Treaty was signed, and Panama became an independent country in exchange for a monetary compensation paid to Colombia.


November is indeed a month for celebrations for Panama. The entire country seems to be at pause and celebrating the Independence Day with great fervor, as it independence not from one but two countries.

  • There are parades, fireworks, public music and dancing performances.
  • There is a military procession on November 3rd and 4th, showcasing the military power.
  • Government organizations like the firemen and the police in full uniform, and schools participate in the parade.
  • Each is accompanied by their own band.
  • Dancers with colourful polleras and intricate headgears join in the military procession.
  • People come out of their homes in colourful dresses to participate in the parade.
  • The parade is conducted on the main street of Panama which remains closed for the entire length of two days.
  • All the public offices including banks remain closed.
  • Public offices, private enterprise and private residences sport flags and streamers in the colours of the flag, viz. red, white and blue.
Wishing all the people from Panama a happy Independence Day!! Cheers!!


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