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Peru’s National Anthem

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Peru’s National Anthem gained its official recognition on the eve of 23rd September 1821 when the whole nation united together to sing the Anthem whose lyrics were written by Jose Bernardo Alcedo. This popular lyricist had participated in the National March; a selection procedure organized by Jose de San Martin to receive the best composition for the National Anthem of Peru. That day, the people of Peru with great enthusiasm assembled in the Lima city theatre to listen to the melodious voice of Rosa Merino who gave honor to the wonderful lyrics of the Peruvian National Anthem.

After the official adoption of the National Anthem, many more compositions came up to replace the official version. In the reign of Eduardo Lopez de Romania, the lyrics of Jose Santos Chocano earned the approval. But the people of Peru were too much in the favor of the original National Anthem. They were against any changes in the official Anthem. Again in 1913, during the reign of the Gulliermo Billinghurst, a serious opposition from the public helped restore the original composition of the National Anthem.

It was only in the year 2005 that the Constitutional Tribunal included one additional stanza taken from folklore in the original Anthem. This addition comprised to make a total of seven stanzas in the National Anthem of Peru.

In the Anthem, the people take a vow to maintain the freedom attained by the whole nation through a series of trials and tribulations endured by the people. The three hundred years’ slavery finally encouraged the people to rebel, to rise their ‘humiliated necks’ and to wage a war against the colonizers. The infuriated people got together to drive the enemy away and to never let the enemy to infringe the independent territory of their nation. Thus in the National Anthem of Peru, emphasis has been given to the efforts made by the people to win the battle for freedom. And the solemn vow of the people intends to give honor to the freedom achieved.

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