National Flag of Peru

The official flag of the Republic of Peru was established in the year 1825, originally designed by Jose de San Martin in 1820. The vertical red stripes that the flag contains, show the resemblance of the previous design that passed through alterations. On March 15, 1822, the triangular diagonal division was replaced by red sun in the middle of the horizontal stripes, symbolizing the Inca Empire. Then on the 31st May of the same year, the horizontal stripes were replaced by vertical stripes, retaining the sun emblem in the middle. The National Flag presently in use contains a coat of arms on the carpet of a white vertical stripe in the center, along with the wide red vertical stripes on the edges.

Peru National Flag

The flag has been quite conveniently adopted for other uses by bringing in some renovations in its design patterns. For instance the civil flag of Peru consists of only the red and white stripes, without any symbol in the middle, whereas the war flag has a changed face with a national field in the middle. The flag of the naval jack is completely different, as it doesnít contain any stripes. Instead it is surrounded by red boundary, with the coat of arms situated on the white ground.

Symbolic Significance

The white vertical stripe reflects the value of the essence of purity, while the red stripes are the emblem of the red blood of the valiant soldiers, who gave their life to win independence for the country.

The shield of the flag is the emblem of the nationís abundant wealth and prestige. The coins of gold and silver coming out from the cornucopia show the pride that the country has on its mineral wealth.

The surrounding leafy fragment symbolizes the vast and rich fauna, the freedom that the country enjoys after independence and the pride with which it is living.


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