National Heroes of Peru

The National heroes of Peru generally constitute eminent personalities of the country, who have made several major contributions in various disciplines. From leaders of the independence movement to renowned journalists and writers who have made their country proud are regarded as national heroes. Some of the famous National heroes of Peru are:

•  Jose Silverio Olaya Sloop

•  Julio Ramon Ribeyro

•  Jose Abelardo Quinones Gonzales

Jose Silverio Olaya Sloop

Born in San Pedro of the Chorrillos in the year 1782, Jose Silverio Olaya Sloop was a martyr in the fight for Peruvian independence from the Spanish rule. During the struggle for Peruvian independence, Jose Silverio Olaya served as a secret envoy between the government (Callao) and the patriotic forces of the liberating square. Jose Olaya was a true patriot who did not succumb to the brutal forces that he encountered after being discovered and captured by the Spanish invaders. He was subjected to severe torture and torment till he was sentenced to death. But he did not reveal a word about his secret mission. As a true and honorable National hero of Peru, Jose Silverio Olaya died on 29 of June 1823, after being shot in the passage of the Seat of Arms of Lima.

Till date he is remembered with much reverence for his courage and patriotism in the fight for Peruvian independence.

Julio Ramon Ribeyro

Born in August, 1929 in Lima, Julio Ramon Ribeyro was a renowned writer and Journalist of Peru. He belonged to a middle-class family and his parents did not quite approve of his dedication to literature from an early age. In Universidad Catolica in Lima, Julio studied literature and law.

Julio Ramon Ribeyro was famous for his short stories, and was also successful in other literary genres like essay, novel and aphorism. His stories were often autobiographical with a touch of irony, written in simple language. Underlying the obvious pessimism in his works is humor which arises out of his sense of irony and the misfortunes encountered by his protagonists. Many of Julio Ramon Ribeyro's works have been translated into other languages, including English.

Ribeyro had relocated to Paris in 1960, where he worked as a journalist in France-Press Agency (AFP). In the year 1971, he became cultural advisor of Peru to UNESCO. The various award won by him are:

•  Premio Nacional de Literatura (1983)

•  Premio Nacional de Cultura (1993)

•  Premio Juan Rulfo de Literatura Latinoamericana (1994)

Jose Abelardo Quinones Gonzales

Born on 22 April, 1914 in Pimentel City, Chiclayo, Jose was a lieutenant in the Peruvian Air Force and National war hero of Peru. He was a dedicated and loyal leader of Peru who gave his life for his country. Jose died on 23 July, 1941 at Quebrada Seca while on a mission attacking troops from Ecuador who entered Peru.


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