Cities of the Philippines

With a total area of 298 170 sq km, the Philippines or the Republic of the Philippines as it is officially known is an island nation located in South-east Asia, with Manila as its capital city. Over 7,107 islands in the western Pacific Ocean east of Vietnam comprise the Philippine Archipelago. A very popular tourist's destination, the cities of the Philippines with its mesmerizing beauty attracts people from all over the world.

The following are some major cities of the Philippines:

  • Cebu
  • Quezon City
  • Davao
  • Manila
  • Candon


The provincial capital of Cebu in the Philippines, the second most important metropolitan center in the country, it has a population of 718,821 people. Located on the eastern shore of the island of Cebu, it had the first Spanish settlement in the country. One of the popular Cities of the Philippines, it's the main domestic shipping hub and is home to more than 80% of the country's inter-island shipping companies. Also the main hub for international flights into the country it's the most important center of commerce, trade, and industry outside the capital.

Quezon City:

The most populous and the former capital city in the Philippines, it's located on the island of Luzon, Quezon City, popularly known as QC, with a total area of 166.20 sq km. This major Filipino city was named after Manuel L. Quezon, the ex- president of the Commonwealth of the Philippines who founded the city and urbanized it to replace Manila as the country's capital. Many government offices can be found here including the 'Batasang Pambansa', the seat of the House of Representatives, which is the lower chamber in the Philippine Congress.


One of the most important cities of the Philippines and the actual capital of the island of Mindanao, there are 1.3 million inhabitants occupying a total area of 2,400 sq km. also the world's largest city in terms of land area, its international airport and seaport is one of the busiest cargo hubs in the Southern Philippines.


The capital of the Philippines it's also one of the municipalities that comprise Metro Manila. Located on the country's largest island, Luzon, on the eastern shore of Manila Bay, it's one of the major cities of the Philippines. The city of Manila is the home to over 10 million people and hub of a thriving metropolitan area. It's the second most populous city in the Philippines, with more than 1.5 million inhabitants. The Globalization and World Cities Study Group and Network classified Manila as a "Gamma" global city.


A 5th class city in the province of Ilocos Sur, Philippines, it has a population of 50,564 people in 10,257 households. With a rich historical background, the name of the city is inferred from the legendary 'kandong' tree which is now but extinct in the area. Once a small resort town, it's now famous in the world for making the heaviest and largest calamay, a sweet and sticky snack made from coconut milk and sugar.


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