Historical Places of the Philippines

The Philippines is rich in its history and culture and is home to some of the best preserved monuments and buildings from several centuries back. Major historical places of the Philippines, beautifully exhibits the country's rich heritage and takes you back in time. Various ancient shrines, monuments, cathedrals and museums document the history and traditions of the nation. Some of the historical places of the Philippines are-

  • The Luneta Park
  • Corregidor
  • Pastor House
  • Taal Cathedral de San Sebastian

The Luneta Park

Located in the capital city, Manila, the Luneta Park was built as a tribute to the greatest hero of the Philippines, Dr. Jose Rizal. Earlier known as Bagumbayan Field, the Luneta Park is one of the leading historical places of the Philippines. This was the historical site where Dr. Rizal was executed by a Spanish military firing squad on 30 December, 1896 because he had spread the ideals of revolution against Spanish rule.


Located in Bataan, Corregidor is one of the major historical places of the Philippines. This is a national shrine and an island fortress which was nicknamed "The Rock". This historical site was the last bastion to succumb to the Japanese invasion in the year 1942. Corregidor attained huge significance as a symbol of the unwavering resistance of the Filipino and American defenders.

Pastor House

Situated on Tirona St in Batangas City, the Pastor House is one of the historical places of the Philippines, which is an illustration of the turn-of- the-century style residence. The Pastor House was originally under the ownership of Mr. Alejo Acosta, who was the barrio Captain of Batangas in the year 1883. It is said that during the visit of the Governor General, William Howard Taft to the house, an attempt was made by a sniper to assassinate him. Evidence of the bullet that would have taken his life is lodged in one of the doors of the house till this date.

Taal Cathedral de San Sebastian

The construction of this historical site of the Philippines had commenced in the year 1756 and took a century to achieve its present form. Rising to an altitude of 95 meters and 45 meters wide, the Taal Cathedral de San Sebastian stands on a plateau in the center of Taal. The cathedral's tabernacle is the only one of its kind in the country. The Taal Cathedral de San Sebastian is one of the leading historical places of the Philippines.

The other noted historical sites are Sixto Lopez Ancestral House, Museo ng Batangas at Aklatang Panlalawigan, The Rizal Monument, Ilagan Ancestral House, General Malvar Museum and Library, Jose P. Laurel Memorial Library and Mabini Shrine (National Shrine) among many others.


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