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History Of Struggle

1574 -- First known Filipino uprising against Spain.

1588 -- Another revolt, an attempt to expel the Spaniards from the Philippine Islands.

1649 -- A most widespread rebellion against Spanish conscription took place this year.

1661 -- Ilocos Province in the northern part of the Archipelago revolted.

1762 -- The Provinces of Cagayan, Laguna and Batangas rose up in a revolt.

1774 - Marked the revolution in Bohol in the middle part of the Archipelago.

1807 -- Northern Luzon battled for the constitutional rights of the Filipinos rights.

1840 - There was an extensive revolt in Southern Luzon led by Apolinario de la Cruz.

1872 -- A revolt took place for the freedom of people and their rights.

1892 - Jose Rizal, the Filipino martyr and hero led a ' united and constructive struggle characterized by a systematic campaign for freedom'. The revolt culminated in the execution of Jose Rizal.

1896 - The actual battle for independence biggest armed conflict under the leadership of Andres Bonifacio and General Aguinaldo. the entire Archipelago, except Manila, was freed from the Spanish rule and the Philippine Republic was established with General Aguinaldo as the first president.

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