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Dr.Josep RizalAndresboni  FacioApolinario MabiniMarcelo del PilarGabrielasilangGregorio del PilarAntonio Luna
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Dr.Jose Rizal
Jose Protacio Rizal Mercado is regarded as the National Hero of Philippines. He wrote the 'Noli Mi Tangere' in 1887 and the 'El Filibusterismo' in 1891. In these anti-friar novels, he exposed the vices of the Spanish friars and their cruel deeds. In 1892, he formed a revolutionary party known as the 'La Liga Filipina'. Jose Rizal was exiled for causing unrest in Spain, to the island called Dapitan. He remained in exile for four years. In 30th December, 1986, Jose Rizal was executed by the firing squad

Dr.Jose Rizal
The Father of the Philippine Revolution. Andres Bonafacio( November 30, 1863 May 10, 1897)
He founded the secret, revolutinary organization against the Spanish, the Kataastaasan Kagalanggalangang Katipunan ng Mga Anak ng Bayan (Highest and Most Respected Association of the Sons of the Country), popularly known as the Katipunan or the KKK. He declared the start of the Philippine rebellion in 1896 with the 'Cry of Balintawak' when the Katipuneros tore up the toll taxes (cedulas) in revolt against the spanish rule.

Andres Bonafacio
Melchora Aquino
She was popularly known as 'Tadang Sora', her son was a member of the Katipan. She became the mother of the Philippine revolution when she tended the wounded Katipuneros in her house. Even the meetings of the Katipunan were held in her house. Melchora Aquino was arrested in the 29th of April, 1896 for her involvement in the Katiunan activities and imprisoned in Bilibid prisons in Manila. Yet, her spirit never broke and even under those circumstances, she honoured the secrets of the Katipunan

Dr.Jose Rizal

The other National Heroes of Philipines

General EmilioAguinaldo
Apolinario Mabini
Marcelo H Del Pilar
Emilio Jacinto
Gregorio Del Pilar
Juan Luna
General Antonio Luna
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