Independence Day of Russia

One of the largest countries of the world, Russia has come a long way to establish itself as powerful nation in the domain of world politics.

The Independence Day of Russia is widely celebrated as a time to honor the legendary heroes of the land who left an impressive benchmark in the hearts of many throughout the world. Since ancient times, Russian culture, art and heritage has exerted a formidable influence in the young minds. Officially, Russian Independence Day is celebrated on 12th June every year with great fanfare and joyous revelry.

Brief History of Russia's Political Struggle

The day holds prime significance to Russians living abroad as it's also the time to get together and celebrate the glorious history of more than thousand years. The day is formally known as the 'Day of Russia', and has been observed since 1990, when Russia adopted its sovereignty of states in order to gain autonomy from the earlier Soviet Union. The history of Russia has been a fascinating study beginning in 988 with the advent of Byzantine Empire who ruled over the vast kingdom of Russia for more than seven decades. Later in the 13th century, it was under the rule of Grand Duchy of Moscow, followed by successive regimes till the 19th century. The historic Russian revolution in 1917 and the coming of Bolsheviks followed by the tyrannical rule of Stalin and rise of important political protagonists like Khrushchev and Mussolini changed the very aspect of Russian political arena. The dismantling of Soviet- Russia towards the beginning of 1990's also invariably contributed to its slow political and economic downfall.

Like other countries, various festivals and events highlighting the rich traditional folk dance and music of Russia is performed at art centers at the major cities of Moscow, Kremlin, Saint Petersburg etc as celebration of Independence Day in Russia. Tourists from the neighboring countries throng in large numbers to witness the attractive carnivals which form an essential feature of Russian Independence Day festivity.


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