Arts and Culture of Russia

"Russia is a riddle wrapped in a mystery inside an enigma." These words by famous British statesman Winston Churchill aptly throws light on the pulsating art and culture of Russia. The Russians are world famous for their unique artistry coupled together with awe inspiring architectural landmarks. The different aspects of Russian art and culture find its best expression in its rich heritage. Russian handicrafts are the most talked about item for their intricate craftsmanship widely known as Gzhel, Khokhloma and Pisanka.

A Brief Historical Overview of Art and Culture of Russia

The origin of the Russian culture can be traced back to the early Slavic roots. However, Byzantine influence is also pre-dominant in many of Russian architecture. Through out many decades, the art and culture of Russia has been under the influence of other European countries French, German, Spanish and even Mongolian too. However, the evolution of avant-garde in Russia led to the rise of modern art which flourished all through out the country and continued to be so till the latter half of 1960. One of the most interesting features of the art and culture of Russia lies in the fact that the emergence of Soviet art significantly contributed to the emergence of Proletarian culture aided by new wave of political upsurge during that time.

Entertainment Activities in Russia

If you're in Russia, you cannot afford to miss out on the string of entertainment activities which form an essential part of art and culture of Russia. In 1920, cinema came to be widely used to motivate and inspire people to take active in national politics; this form of entertainment still continues to serve as the source of amusement for all sections of Russian society. A comprehensive analysis of art and culture of Russia remains incomplete without mentioning Russian ballets and the majestic Russian opera's. Since the early ages, the native music forms of Russia has undergone significant changes and today are invariably an amalgamation of varied rock and pop music. The scitilaating night life in the major cities of Russia also offers variety of gastronomical delights, which are hard to ignore.

Literary Aspects of Russia

It's important to note that Russian icon painting was inspired by Byzantine churches, and later it was transformed into mosaic and fresco art forms. An overview of Russian art and culture is its rich literature and its varied forms. Russia has more than 50,000 state public libraries and a thousand or more art galleries. The Russian literature has undergone significant changes at different periods, each era having distinct characteristics of its own. Popular Russian writers include--- Dostoevsky, Tolstoy, Chekhov, Joseph Brodsky, Sergei Dovlatov etc.

Thus, this information on art and culture of Russia provides you a glimpse of the rich Russian cultural heritage.


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