Historical Places of Russia

Russia, the land of great historical forts and mausoleums, is also home to some of the world class architectures and cultural centers. The varied historical places of Russia are laced with interesting stories, mysteries and facts which still today draw hundreds of tourists coming from the far flung places of Africa and Australia.

Here's sharing with you some information on important historical places of Russia---

1. Kremlin

This ancient fortress has become synonymous with the identity of the country. Kremlin covers a huge area and is situated between the Pskova and Velikaya rivers. Historical evidences state that it was built in the 12th century and since then it has undergone significant changes with construction work carried out at different phases of the year. It's important to note that successive rulers of Russia left behind their impressive mark in the walls of Kremlin. In the recent times, visitors to this ancient Russian landmark can visit Arsenal, Terem, Presidium, Faceted and Great Kremlin Palaces.

2. Red Square

Built in 15th century, during the reign of Ivan III, it was earlier known as Trinity Square named after the Trinity Cathedral that stood near the St. Basil's Cathedral. This marvelous architectural edifice also embodies spiritual significance coupled together as being the political hub for many years. This historic monument has been witness to many important events and incidents that rocked the nation from time to time. In 1712 Peter the Great, shifted the capital to St. Petersburg and the Red Square subsequently lost its importance but due to efforts by the Bolsheviks Moscow became the capital in 1918. Later it was turned into a cemetery and was also converted into a parade ground. In 1924 the Lenin Mausoleum was built inside this historical Red Square.

3. Resurrection Gate

Originally built in the 16th century, the famous Resurrection Gate was half demolished at the orders of Stalin for easy passage of military tanks during the war. Many Russians believe that the presence of the icon inside this gate has powerful healing powers and is also known for its inherent ability to cure the ailing patients, prevention of famine and to protection of churches and religious residence against further demolition. Regarded as one of the historical places of Russia, the present day Resurrection Gate has a small chapel in front of it built in 1990.

4. Tsarytsino

One of the aspects of the historical places of Russia is its grand landmarks embellished in a most elegant way. Situated 3 kilometers, towards south of Kolomenskoe, when Irina, the wife of Tsar Fyodor, owned a lavish estate there. Later on, it was transferred to Peter the Great, Prince Dimitrie Cantemir and finally in the hands of Catherine, the Great in 1775. The estate has an impressive collection of antique tapestries, glassware and paintings procured from different countries of Central Asia.

Thus, this information on historical places of Russia offers you interesting insights on it.


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