History of Russia

The history of Russia is replete with vivid events and historic incidents that redefined the identity of the country. Since the ancient times, the land of Russia has been long infested with various important phenomena that left an indelible mark and helped in the social and political growth of the country.

A Brief historical background of Russia---

Ancient History of Russia

In the ancient times, the then Russia comprised of a group of cities and towns that were later clustered together and a nation was formed. In the early part of the ninth century, the Danes and Norsemen, widely known as Varangians, crossed the Baltic Sea and made inroads into the Eastern Europe. The Varangians were led by the great warrior Rurik, who with his army men captured the city of Novgorod near the Volkhov River. Later, Oleg, who was the successor of Rurik, extended the boundaries of the empire, as he gained control of Kiev which became the center of trade between Scandinavian nations and Constantinople. Thus in the history of Russia, the empire came to be known as Kievan Rus', a flourishing hub of various socio-economic activities for the next three hundred years. In 989, after the death of Oleg, Vladimir I took over the charge and extended the rule of his empire from the Black Sea, the Caucasus Mountains, till the Volga River. Vladimir was succeeded by Yaroslav, followed by Yuri Dolgorukiy. After the death of these two great warriors, Mongols invaded Russia in the 13th century, accompanied by attempts of invasion by the Swedes in the year 1240 and by the Livonian Brothers in 1242. From this period, till the arrival of the Romanov dynasty, the political history of Russia witnessed great turmoil every now and then.

The Romanov Dynasty

The Romanov family reigned Russia from 1613 to 1855 and during this phase, Russia was transformed into a powerful nation. However, Peter the Great was the most influential of all the rulers as he remarkably strengthened the powers of the tsar and brought rapid economic growth in Russia while at the same time expanding the borders of the country. Later Peter became the first emperor of Russia. After his death, Catherine the Great took over the charge and initiated various reform progressive measures in field of education and secularization of church lands. After her sudden death, Paul 1 ruled over the country for some time but he was basically a weak ruler. Later, Aleksandr I was handed over the official responsibility of running the nation. During Aleksandr I's rule Napoleon invaded Russia but then Napoleon had to suffer a heavy defeat in the hands of Russia. In November 1825, Nicholas gained access to the throne, regarded as a mighty ruler by his counter parts. The following years saw Russia in midst of great political and economic crisis accompanied by the sudden eruption of the World War1 where the Romanov dynasty suffered heavily as they were mysteriously killed under certain unknown circumstances.

Russian Revolution and the Dissolution of Soviet Union

The comprehensive history of Russia remains incomplete without mentioning the famous Russian revolution in the year 1917. The major of this revolution was to overthrow the Tsarist rule and establishment of a communist society. The Bolsheviks seized power in Russia and founded the Soviet Union. The leader of the party was Vladimir Lenin. Under the aegis of Lenin and other progressive revolutionary leaders, Soviet Union was formed in 1922. It comprised of 15 constituents but in 1991 due to ongoing cold war, Soviet Union was dissolved subsequently.

The Present Times

After the dissolution of the Soviet Union, Russia was under severe political and economic crisis. Towards the first part of 21st century, Vladimir Putin took over the charge from Boris Yeltsin and was elected as the President of the country on May 7, 2000 and in 2004 subsequently. Under his rule, Russia touched great heights of economic success aided by the development of science and technology.

Thus, an overview of history of Russia presents a vivid account of the great incidents that changed the very face of the country.


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