National Flag of Russia

The national flag of Russia symbolizes the rich cultural history of the bygone era at the same time also represents the aims and aspirations of the present day.

Through out the decades, different formats have been designed but finally in the year 1991 the Russian Federation adopted the present day ensign as the national flag of Russia.

Information on National Flag of Russia

Historical evidences suggest that it was in the 17th century during the reign of Tsar Alexis I, that an order was placed to design a flag for the Russian naval. This particular flag was designed according to the Dutch ensign and continued to be a part of the Russian naval and military national flag since 1693. It was not until the coronation of Tsar Nicholas II in 1896, that it became an official national flag. In the subsequent years however, there were minor changes.

Here's sharing with you information on the features of the national flag of Russia

One of the major aspects of the national flag of Russia lies in the fact that it is a tri color flag white on the top, blue in the middle and red on the bottom. The three colors imprinted on the flag, derived source from ‘the coat of arms of the Grand Duchy of Moscow', which portrays the famous Saint George in a white armor, riding a white horse, while wearing a blue cape and possessing a blue shield, in a red field. The three colors were also believed to be associated with Virgin Mary.

According to the Russian social system, white stands for God, blue represents the Tsar of Russia and red symbolizes the peasant class. Some also believe that-- white thus stands for Belarus, blue for Ukraine or Small Russia and red signifies the mainland of Russia.

Thus, the various aspects of national flag of Russia represent the great historical heritage of the country. offers you information on national flag of Russia. Keep surfing through the pages of our website for more updates.


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