National Heroes of Russia

Russia, often referred to as the 'birth place of Communism' is the land of great heroes and intellectuals who molded the very aspect of world politics. The national heroes of Russia have left an impressive bench mark and truly transformed the economic and social identity of the country in the long run.

To know more about the national heroes of Russia, here's sharing with you some information and facts on Russian national heroes---

1. Vladimir Lenin

Born in April 22, 1870 in Simbirsk, he was the son of Ilya Nikolaevich Ulyanov and Maria Alexandrovna Ulyanova. During his early life, he had to undergo a turbulent childhood which in the later part of his life inspired him to take an active part in politics. Due to increased involvement in various revolutionary activities, he was arrested several times and on December 7, 1895, he was put in jail for 14 months. Lenin played an active role in the Russian Social Democratic Labour Party during 1903, and led the de-facto Bolshevik's. With the out break of First World War in 1914, he initiated a lot of reform measures and played an important role in generating political support for his party. His political career undergone up's and down's. There have been many assassination attempts on Lenin which later demoralized his health and he died on January 21, 1924, at the age of 53.

2. Joseph Stalin

Regarded as one of the greatest statesman of the world, Stalin was born in Gori. The legendary hero Koba inspired him to take active part in revolutionary activities. During his growing years, he propagated Marxism through social democratic organizations. In 1912 Stalin was included as the member of the Central Committee held at the Prague Party Conference. On April 3, 1922, Stalin was assigned the post of General Secretary of the Central Committee of the Bolsheviks. This step was a turning point in his political career as it made him one of the powerful leaders of then Russia. It was the economic reform measures initiated by the Stalin that brought about a rapid phase of industrialization. Due to his innovative wartime craftsmanship, he was recognized as a great wartime leader who led victory against the Nazis. His varied literary works also made him one of the most popular national heroes of Russia. He died on March 1, 1953 as he suffered from a stroke.

3. Yuri Gagarin

He was the first man to land on moon on 12 April 1961. Yuri Gagarin was born in Gzhatsk on 9th March 1934. His childhood days were spent in midst of turbulent times as the World War 2 created a havoc in the lives of many with many farmers losing their farmlands too. Since his parents belonged to the peasant class, they also had to suffer mercilessly because of the catastrophic war. But still his parents made great efforts so that he continues with his studies. As a student he was a very intelligent boy and had special inclination towards mathematics and science. After the completion of his studies, he joined the Soviet Space Program and made the first travel to space in 1961. After his return, he was assigned the post of deputy training director of Star City. He died in a crash on 27 March 1968.

Thus, these facts on national heroes of Russia enlightens on the intellectuals of the land.


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