National Symbols of Russia

The national symbols of Russia are a part of the cultural heritage of the country which has given the country its national identity. These national symbols of Russia represent the significance of the traditional values and customs which have been a part of this country since ancient times.

Here's providing you information on national symbols of Russia as

1. National Flag of Russia---

The national flag of Russia is a tri color flag-white color which lies on the top, blue in the middle and red on the bottom. White stands for nobility and frankness; blue symbolizes loyalty, honesty, chastity and scarlet represents self-sacrifice, generosity and love. While some Russians believe that red means the land, blue stands for sky, and white symbolizes heaven.

2. National Anthem of Russia---

In 1944, the national anthem of Russia was accepted. The music was composed by Alexander Alexandrov and the lyrics were written by Russian Federalist Sergey Mikhalkov. In 2000, Vladimir Putin the present day President of Russia made some minor changes in the Russian national song.

3. Two-headed Eagle---

The two-headed eagle first appeared in Russia, during the time of Moscovia, in the 15th century. Two-headed eagle has been the symbol of the monarchy of Russia for more than four hundred years. But with the advent of Russian revolution and dethroning of the Tsar Empire, it was on the verge of extinction. In 1993, under the initiative of President Boris Yeltsin it was again adopted on 30th November 1993.

The two heads of the eagle stands for the two parts of vast Russian empire - European and Asian, which are believed to be an important part of the country of Russia.

Thus, an analysis of the background of the national symbols of Russia gives you an idea of the rich historical heritage of the country.


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