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Independence Day of Saudi Arabia

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Saudi Arabia, known as one of the richest hub of oil and petroleum deposits is situated on the south western part of Asia. Often referred to as the land of holy mosques because of the presence Medina and Mecca, Independence Day of Saudi Arabia is also celebrated with huge funfair and enthusiasm. The D-day actually falls on September 23rd every year and has been celebrated since the unification of the two prevalent kingdoms in the year 1930.

Days prior to the actual celebration of Independence Day of Saudi Arabia, huge festivities are marked all throughout the country. Various functions are held at prominent halls and offices of the government with special focus on the rich traditional folk song and dance of different regions of the country. Even those residing outside the country of Saudi Arabia but bear strong connection to their Saudi roots observe the event as red letter day.

Also special events are held at the capital city of Riyadh where the Prince gives his speech to the nation and highlights on the various aspects of development of the country in fields of science, technology, economy and social up liftment. The citizens of the country are made aware of the new plans initiated by the government in the coming days, which are undertaken for betterment of the country and its people. Thus, if you plan to visit Saudi Arabia, try not to miss the exuberant Independence Day celebrations of the country. To know more about the different aspects of Saudi Arabia, just flip through these links----

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  • Economy
  • Art and Culture
  • Heritage
  • National Heroes
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  • Historical Places
  • Cities of Saudi Arabia
  • Political System provides you comprehensive analysis of Saudi Arabia. Keep surfing for more updates.
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