Demographics of Saudi Arabia

A comprehensive study of the demographics of Saudi Arabia gives an overview of the culture and the ethnicity that exist in the country. It also delineates some significant facts that cover the geographical aspects of the country. Saudi Arabia’s population consists of about 85% people primarily of the Arab origin, 12% people belonging to the South Asian countries like Bangladesh, India and Pakistan. Some people from East African origin also form a part of Saudi Arabia’s population concourse.

Migration from countries such as Indonesia, Egypt, Sudan, Turkey, Sri Lanka, Pakistan, Syria and India results in an accumulation of about seven million people that rises the level of population. About one lakh people from the western countries constitute to reside in the compounds of Saudi Arabia. There also exist an approximate population of 2,40,000 Palestinian people, residing in Saudi Arabia for a certain period of time. They have to return to their native countries after a time limit. Such a system preserves their native Arab identities.

The government of Saudi Arabia wants people to practice Islam, their popular religion. And a large part of population is has adopted Wahhabism, a form of Islam, as their religion. Some minor Christian and Hindu communities also exist but they are not free to practice their religions openly.

The approximate population of Saudi Arabia according to the 2006 estimate is 27,019,731. Of this, a figure of 5,576,076 comprises people from foreign countries that are dwelling in Saudi Arabia. A large mass of population was unsettled and nomadic till the year 1960. But now, proper settlement has taken place due to economic development and urbanization. The population of many cities of Saudi Arabia is as dense as 1000 people occupying an area of 1 square kilometer.

Among every thousand people, an average number of 29.56 births come up, while an average of deaths taking place among 1000 people is 2.62. The Birth rate in Saudi Arabia is greater than the death rate, showing the rapid increase in the population.


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