Geography of Saudi Arabia

The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia spreads over the Arabian Peninsula and covers about eighty percent of its geographical area with Yemen, Omen and United Arab Emirates edging the Kingdom in the southern area and Iraq and Jordan bordering it in the north. In spite of the estimates varying relating to its size, the country is considered to be the 14th nation, in terms of largest size. The kingdom seems like a rectangular structure, with one pair of the opposite edges surrounded by the neighboring countries and the other opposite pair surrounded by the water bodies of the Persian Gulf and the Red Sea.

Geographical Regions

The land along the western coast gains height due the rising mountain ranges of Jabal al Hejaz. Further away, in the middle region of the Peninsula lies the plummeting plateau of Nejd. The Asir region in the southwest contains the towering mountains having the approximate height of about three thousand meters. Such a landscape gives the whole place an extremely pleasant climate, making it a beautiful tourist attraction.

The eastern region consists of lowland that extends its rocky structure to the sandy area along the Persian Gulf. In the south of the Kingdom lies the desert called Rubí al Khali, which remains uninhibited as it doesnít support life. Such desert area can be seen in many parts of Saudi Arabia, inhabited by scanty Bedouin population. The fertile land area is as small as 2% of the nationís total area. Most of the population of the Kingdom can be found residing in the western and eastern coastal areas or in Buraidah and Hafuf, lying in the interior of the Kingdom, containing the major population of the country.

The wildlife that exists in Saudi Arabia consists of wolves, wildcats, hyenas, baboons and ibex that can be seen mainly in the highland area of mountains.


Since deserts cover a large part of the country, the climate of Saudi Arabia shows their influence in the form of arid land and excessively hot temperature that sometimes exceeds the level of even 50 degrees. However, the region along the mountains sometimes witnesses snowfall and winter frost.


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