Heritage of Saudi Arabia

The rich heritage of Saudi Arabia finds special mention in the holy book of Quran and the luminosity of its culture and inherent language is also elaborately expressed in many of its heritage sites. The various forms of Arabic art and literature are being represented in these monumental sites and its fascinating artifacts have attracted tourists from different parts of the world. Statistics indicate that there are more than thousand heritage sites in Saudi Arabia but only a few of them has been granted the world heritage status by the international body of U.N.E.S.C.O.

To know more about the heritage of Saudi Arabia, here's sharing with you some important details on this aspect---

AI-Hijr (Mada'in Saleh )

It's because of its ancient Nabatean, Islamic and Greek inscriptions that this place holds a special meaning not only for the Arabs but also for the European travelers who regard it very sacred. Al-Hijr (Mada'in Saleh) is located in AI-Medina Al-Munawarah which is situated on North Western part of Saudi Arabia. It has a vast area spreading across many hectares of land. Majority of the architectural remains of this land dates back to the Nabatean period of civilization, roughly between the 2 nd century BC and 2 nd Century AD. The site has unmatched aesthetic appeal with marvelous designs of tombs and houses made of mud and brick. Other features include Hijaz Railway Station which was built during the reign of Ottoman kings.


One of the prominent features of the historic site of Jeddah lies in the fact that it's home to some of the world famous mosques and great landmark edifices as Uthamn Ibn Affan Mosque, Al-Basha Mosque, AI-Meamar Mosque, Al-Hanafi Mosque. Some historians even claim that the city of Jeddah was discovered prior to the advent of Islam. With the passage of time, this historic site has accuquired greater dimension especially during the reign of Rashidi Khalifat Utham Ibn Affan on 647 AD. The political confluence also played a great role in redefining the cultural identity of the place. Its geographical landscape, architectural buildings and Mediterranean influence draws thousands of visitors every year.

Madain Saleh

It is situated in the north western part of Saudi Arabia in midst of narrow valleys and high mountainous ranges. The place was long inhabited by different tribes in the ancient times that occupied vast portions of the area and thereby left behind their distinctive marks. Many mythological stories of Islamic origin have been woven around this historic site which makes it more significant for the people of Islamic faith.

Thus, it's important to note that there are many heritage sites in Saudi Arabia, each having a distinctive feature of their own.


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