National Heroes of Saudi Arabia

Saudi Arabia is country whose kings on the throne over the years have performed the task of making the country politically, financially and socially stable and progressive. The Kings who inherited the throne from their ancestors have ruled in the way of promoting national success and eminence. They can be regarded as the national heroes considering their reformative strategies for the country. A few of them are described below:

Prince Abdullah Bin Abdulaziz

Prince Abdullah Bin Abdulaziz was the inheritor of the moral values and beliefs from his father, the person who brought the present day’s politically strong and modern Saudi Arabia. He is the reformer and change bringer of Saudi Arabia. He knows the exact meaning of the term ‘nation’ and believes in working towards the promotion of peace and prosperity of the people that constitute a nation. During the various visits that he made across the country, he introduced many projects in the interests of people. Also he acts a representative of Saudi Arab and over the years, he has succeeded in maintaining amicable relations with foreign countries. He spreads the peaceful message of Islam not only in his native country but also in the entire world. In the year 2002, initiating the Beirut Arab Summit, the Prince Abdullah acted as a source of promoting tranquility in Palestinia and the countries of the Middleeast. In the International Assembly that took place in the year 2005, he declared with all his belief the need of the whole world to combat terrorism. For him the respect for the people of his country, unity and peace in the nation are of primary importance.


Prince Fahd Ibn Abdel Aziz al Saud

After becoming the pioneer Education Minister of Saudi Arabia in the year 1953, he took the leading step in spreading education in the country. His political sphere contained his involvement in serving the national interests relating to the growth and development of the country. With his coming to the throne in the year 1982, he contributed in dealing with the foreign affairs of the country. Also his major role was appreciated when he remarkably brought a commendable metamorphosis in the entire political system of the country after introducing the four novel systems, which resulted in the overall invigoration of the political system of Argentina.


King Khaled

Occupying the throne in the year 1965, King Khaled gave main emphasis to his liberal ideals. His extreme religiosity restricted him in being a serious politician. He rather concentrated in bringing country’s development socially and economically. He even preferred taking foreign assistance in promoting the advancement of the country. The country remembers him in the form of King Khalid Military City and King Khalid International Airport honored by his name. Also the people of the country appreciate the progress towards which he took the country.



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