National Symbols of Saudi Arabia

The national symbols of Saudi Arabia are a part of their rich cultural heritage carried forward through different ages. These national emblems have great importance and are considered to be of prime significance for the country.

To know more about the national symbols of Saudi Arabia, here's providing you some information on this aspect.

National Anthem of Saudi Arabia

Also known as 'Al Salam Al Malaki' in Saudi Arabia, it represents the true nationalistic fervor of the people living there. The lyric of this national song was written by Ibrahim Khafaji while the music was compiled by Abdul Rahman Al-Khateeb. On 1950 it was officially adopted as the national anthem of Saudi Arabia.

Coat of Arms of Saudi Arabia

Though the concept of ‘Coat of Arms' has its origin in European countries, with the passage of time it has accuquired greater importance and is now a part of majority of the countries of the world. The coat of arms of Saudi Arabia includes the picture of two swords and a palm tree which is regarded as the sacred tree of the Saudis. Each of these swords stands for the two houses as the ‘House of Saud' and the ‘House of Wahab'.



National Flag of Saudi Arabia

With its official adoption on 15 th March 1973, the national flag of Saudi Arabia became the official national symbol of the country. It is featured in green color with an Arabic inscription and with the picture of a sword inscribed on it.


The Holy Quba Mosque

The land of Saudi Arabia is regarded very holy to the people of Islam faith, which is situated near Medina. This place also finds a special mention in the holy book of Quran and thus holds significance to the people living there and the Muslims all around the world. It is also one of the most important architectural landmarks of the world. In the recent times some extension work has been done in order to meet the needs of the pilgrims who throng in large numbers to this holy place.Thus, these national symbols of Saudi Arabia are the most prized possession of the country contributing its inherent identity.



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