Places to Visit of Saudi Arabia

The land of Saudi Arabia has gained significant importance in the field of tourism in the last few years. Owing to its high tech shopping complexes and attractive built tourist spots, the number of places to visit in Saudi Arabia is escalating. Traditionally the country has been regarded as a sacred place for people of Islamic faith. In the recent times it has acquired greater proportions as the best place to spend a romantic vacation in the midst of stunning landscapes. These hot-spot places to visit in Saudi Arabia have augured the country's thriving economy.

Here's providing you some glimpses of the popular places of visit in Saudi Arabia---

1. Riyadh

The capital city of Saudi Arabia houses many attractive buildings, shopping malls and luxurious spa's making it a traveler's paradise. Many historical edifices like Masmak Fort, Al-Hair, Aneyzah, Shaib Laha, Wadi Hanifa etc are located at different corners of the city thereby drawing huge crowds all throughout the year especially during the festive seasons.


2. Hasa

This place is located in the eastern region of Saudi Arabia and is well known for its vast coastal areas and teeming fish market places. Though usually inhabited by the people of Shia community, yet in the recent times the place has been a melting pot of varied cultures and traditions which has invariably redefined the political, social and economical aspect of the city. Hasa has been well known oasis of oil and petroleum deposits since many years and therefore it has considerably attracted foreign investment from time to time, which greatly contributed to the financial growth of the country.

3. Mecca

If you visit Saudi Arabia, you can't afford to miss the holy place of Mecca, a spiritual hub of Islamic religious beliefs and faith. Major highlights of the place include Kaabah Enclosure and the House of Abdullah Bin Abdul Muttalib, where Prophet Muhammed was born. The government of Saudi Arabia has taken great steps in protecting, preserving these ancient monuments.


4. Jeddah

Regarded as one of the ancient cities of the world, this historic place occupies great significance in the history of Saudi Arabia. The old architectural buildings are no less than an object of fascination for many visitors who visit in large numbers to this place. Many recreation facilities have established with special focus on world class restaurants and food joints.


5. Hejaz

Located in the western region of the country, Hejaz is the hub of varied trading and business activities of Saudi Arabia. In fact, the city has also become the nerve center for different political activities coupled together with being the cultural capital of the country. Apart from Mecca and Medina, there are also many holy sites situated scattered at different places of Hezaj.

Thus, with its wide ranging natural landscapes and twin holy cities, there are innumerable places of visit in Saudi Arabia offering you world class facilities in terms of cuisine and lifestyle.


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