Singapore National Crest


The National State Crest consists of a shield with a white crescent moon and five white stars against a red background. Supporting the shield are a lion on the left and a tiger on the right. Inscribed below the shield is the Republic's motto, "Majulah Singapura" ("Onward Singapore"). The Coat of Arms or State Crest was unveiled on 3 December 1959.

Lion Symbol
According to 13th century Malay Annals, a prince spotted a creature he believed was a lion and named the island "Singa-pura" (Lion City)--from which Singapore was derived.

Singapore National Crest

The Lion Symbol was launched in 1986 as an alternative national symbol. The Lion Symbol was chosen as a logo that best captures the characteristics of Singapore’s reputation as the Lion City.

Symbolising the qualities of courage, strength and excellence, this symbol has come to represent Singapore. It is in red against a white background.


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