Independence Day of South Africa

Though South Africa achieved independence from Britain on 31 May, 1910, Freedom Day is the official Independence Day of South Africa.

It is celebrated on 27th of April every year and commemorates the first democratic, non racial elections held in 1994. As the official independence day of South Africa, Freedom Day is celebrated to pay tribute to all those men and women who have made relentless efforts and sacrifices on behalf of the oppressed masses.

Since the arrival of the British in 1652, the natives of South Africa suffered immensely under the white rule. They were the worst hit victims of racism and apartheid. Under the apartheid machinery which was legalized, the right to equal opportunities was denied to the indigenous people of South Africa. The day marks the liberation of South Africa from a long period of colonialism and white domination. It is also the day for the restoration of peace, unity and human dignity to the people of South Africa.

On Freedom Day the people of South Africa pledge to re- commit themselves to safeguard their hard won freedom and also to completely wipe out the legacy of racism from South Africa.


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