Cities of South Africa

South Africa is a vast country situated on the southern tip of the African continent having two capital cities-Cape Town, the legislative capital and Pretoria, the executive capital. This beautiful country is distinguished for its diversity and unique charm which attracts visitors from all over the globe. The major cities of South Africa offer all the conveniences of a modern metropolitan city. World class five star hotels, great dining, shopping and exotic cuisines combined with an intoxicating ambiance make the cities of South Africa a visitor's delight. The leading cities of South Africa are:

•  Cape Town

•  Pretoria

•  Johannesburg

•  Durban

Cape Town
Cape Town is the oldest city and the legislative capital of South Africa with a cultural heritage spanning over 300 years. The city is positioned along the coastline, with the Table Mountain forming a spectacular backdrop. Lying in the heart of the city is the National park.

The city has a blend of historical and cosmopolitan charm. Alongside the graceful Georgian town houses and Cape Dutch homesteads, there are state of the art restaurants, shopping malls, smart hotels and surrounding winelands. The sights, sounds and tastes that the city offers can only leave the visitors asking for more. Main Cape Town attractions include:

•  Table Mountain

•  V&A Waterfront

•  Cape Point.

There is a host of activities one can enjoy in Cape Town. From climbing the Table Mountain to surfing, diving, mountain biking and sandboarding, the fun is endless.

Pretoria is the administrative capital of South Africa and is known as the city of Jacarandas-the purple blossom-bedecked trees lining the city thoroughfares. The city has an interesting history along with several old buildings. Some of the significant old architectural splendors include:

•  The Transvaal Museum

•  Cultural History Museum

•  Smuts Museum

•  Voortrekker Monument

Some of the interesting activities besides visiting the historical monuments in Pretoria are skydiving, horse trailing or mountain biking among others.

Johannesburg is the commercial metropolis and a major international gateway to South Africa. The city possesses all the characteristics of a typical metropolitan city bursting with energy. Its a fast paced city where people are super busy doing business, dining out, partying, going to the gym, attending exhibitions or catching up on the latest movie.

A sense of affluence is exuded in the northern suburbs of Johannesburg with its shopping malls, restaurants, coffee shops and an assortment of delectable cuisines. Majority of businesses and the head offices of big corporations have shifted base to the northern suburbs and to Midrand, the commercial hub.

Some of the historical splendors of this city are:

•  Museum Africa

•  City Art Gallery

Tourist activities in Johannesburg include an escorted tour of Soweto, a visit to Gold Reef City or even golfing.

Durban is the beach city of South Africa and the busiest port of the African continent. High rise offices overlook the Indian Ocean. Busy executives discard their business suits and get into beach gear during lunch hour to take a quick jog along the beach. Beach activities in Durban include surfing, diving and sea kayaking.

The Durban beachfront offers a cultural experience with a difference. Holidaying families, sari clad Indian ladies, young girls in beachwear and surfer brats, together form a picture of a heterogeneous whole. Due to the huge Indian population, there is a distinct eastern influence in Durban. The Indian market on Warwick Street is particularly a great place to shop.

Durban has some beautiful parks like the Durban Botanical Gardens, a Japanese Garden and the Jamieson Rose Gardens.

Port Elizabeth
Port Elizabeth is known for its amazing weather and picturesque beaches. The King Beach in particular is vibrant and beautiful. Several ancient buildings represent the city's historical past. Port Elizabeth is also an important industrial center.

The Boardwalk offers the best shopping experience along with great restaurants, coffee shops and a casino as well.


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