Places To Visit of South Africa

South Africa is the largest and one of the most impressive countries of the African continent. There are many places to visit in South Africa ranging from game rich plains, rugged mountains, traditional villages, cosmopolitan cities and several unique architectural heritage sites. The country has a thriving tourist industry and offers an interesting and wide variety of activities to choose from. Wildlife safaris, hiking trails, fishing, scuba diving expeditions and gourmet extravaganzas, the country has it all. Some of the most exceptional and outstanding places to visit in South Africa are:

•  Table Mountain

•  The Garden Route

•  Robben Island

•  Kruger National Park

•  The Drakensberg Mountain

•  The Beaches

• Namaqualand

Table Mountain
It is one of the most spectacular sights of Cape Town and a visit to this city is incomplete without a trip atop the Table Mountain. Quite often the top of the Table Mountain is cloaked in clouds commonly referred to as the mountain's "table cloth". The view from the top of this mountain is breathtaking and offers the finest panoramas in all of South Africa. The Table Mountain top is accessible by cable cars when the weather is fine.

The Garden Route
The Garden Route has been a tourist's delight for over a century and makes for one of the most beautiful places to visit in South Africa. It is a delightful stretch of small towns, wineries, green pastures, mountains, beaches and rocky shores that run 220 km between Mossel Bay and Storms River Mouth. The best way to enjoy the Garden Route is by following the hiking trails.

Robben Island
Robben Island is a renowned World Heritage Site and a must visit for all the first time visitors of South Africa. This legendary island is the place where Nelson Mandela and his comrades were imprisoned during the apartheid era. Robben Island can be reached by ferry through a short cruise from Cape Town's V&A Waterfront.

Kruger National Park
Located north of Johannesburg, Kruger National Park is one of the leading game sanctuaries and offers one of the finest safari experiences in South Africa. This National park possesses the largest variety of wildlife.

The Drakensberg Mountain
The Drakensberg Mountains (Dragon Mountains) is the ideal destination for tourists looking for adventure. It is a mountain range that covers the entire length of KwaZulu- Natal's eastern boundary. Game viewing, hiking trails, horse trails and safaris, guided tours, quad bikes, golfing, fishing, white water rafting and rock climbing are the various activities one can enjoy here.

The Beaches
With a coastline that stretches for more than 3000 km, South Africa has plenty of beaches and is known to be the marine wonderland of the African continent. From KwaZulu-Natal, Wild Coast, Eastern Cape to the West Coast, the pristine beaches of South Africa are a major tourist attraction.

The flower grounds of Namaqualand in the Northern Cape are a visual delight. During the spring season it is filled with daisies in a multitude of colors. Namaqualand is one of the naturally beautiful places in South Africa.


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