Independence Day of South Korea

South Korea Flag

South Korea celebrated 15th August as the Independence Day, when it gained freedom from the clutches of Japan. South Korea attained complete sovereignty on the 13th of August, 1948, but officially celebrates its state of independence on the 15th August. Independence Day in South Korea is a public holiday.


  • The Japanese were in absolute control of communications system, political and economic sectors of Korea since 1910.
  • The rule was oppressive to the extent that the Koreans were expected to even change themselves culturally to match the Japanese.
  • The Koreans revolted to this oppression, and the fight for freedom began in March 1919 with the Independence Movement.
  • Koreans established independent army units and carried out armed struggles against the Japanese.
  • In 1940, the Provisional Government of Korea declared war against Japan.
  • In 1945, after the attack on Hiroshima and Nagasaki in Japan, during the 2nd World War, Japan surrendered, and Korea gained independence.
  • The date of the Surrender of Japan is now an annual holiday called Gwangbokjeol, meaning "Restoration of Light Day".


  • The day of Independence in South Korea is celebrated with great fervour.
  • It is a public holiday, and all government as well as private organisations remain closed.
  • The national flag called the Taegukgi is hoisted to pay homage to the Freedom fighters.
  • A parade showcasing the military power and cultural heritage is held.
  • Musical concerts are held all over on make shift stages on the streets.
  • Talk shows tackling important contemporary social and political issues, as well as honouring the heroes are held by youth associations.
  • People can be seen sporting the traditional South Korean attire on this day.


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