Places to Visit in South Korea

With an interesting blend of traditional and modern attractions, South Korea makes for a great tourist destination. The various places to visit in South Korea are characterized by the pristine beauty of nature combined with the 21st century engineering, architectural marvels. Among the most sought after places to visit in South Korea are-

  • Andong
  • Jeju Island
  • Busan (Pusan)
  • Seoul
  • Haeinsa


Traditionally Andong, with its valued old culture was the town of the aristocrats. Relics of Korean culture are displayed in the Andong Folk Village and Folk Museum. The famous Confucian institute, Dosan Seowon is located to the north of Andong and towards the west is the Hahoe Maeul Folk Village. Another attraction is the Mask Dance Festival held every autumn which is a must visit for all tourists coming to Andong.

Jeju Island

The Jeju Island is almost like a world on its own, though it is only 100km off the mainland. It boats of great infrastructure in terms of accommodation and other tourist services. Jeju Island with its beautiful landscape with yellow flowers and alluring golden beaches makes it a honeymooner's delight. Exciting features of the Island include coastal waterfalls plunging straight into the sea, fishing, hot spring, and scuba diving. Tourist attractions worth visiting here are Folkcraft and National Museum as well as Jeju Folk Village Museum. The tallest mountain of South Korea, Mt. Hallasan is sited in this island. The remarkable Crater Lake is also found here.

Busan (Pusan)

In addition to being the largest port city, Busan is also the second largest metropolis in South Korea after the capital city Seoul. Major tourist attraction in Busan is the U.N. Cemetery where the fallen U.N. soldiers of the Korean War were buried. Another a tourist attraction is Geumgand Park. Busan is also known as Pusan and is one of the top places to visit in South Korea.


Seoul is the capital city of South Korea and is also the country's political and economic center. This beautiful city consists of a wonderful amalgamation of modern and ancient architecture which make this city a sight to behold. On visiting Seoul, you will see modern skyscrapers of steel and glass standing alongside restored monument and palaces of intricate designs. An outstanding example of art and architecture in Seoul is the Summer Palace and this capital city is the biggest tourist attraction in South Korea.


Haeinsa is a ninth century Buddhist temple regarded as the holiest shrine of Korea, lies in the middle of the Gayasan National Park. The shrine has the complete Buddhist scriptures printed on 81000 wooden blocks. However this is not accessible to the visitors and they can only have a glimpse of it through the slatted window. Besides being one of the great places to visit in South Korea, Haeinsa also has a good hiking trail.


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