Uganda Independence Day

National Flag of Uganda

Uganda celebrates the 9th of October every year as the Independence Day. On this day in 1962 Uganda gained independence from British rule. After 70 years of being under the rule of British, Uganda became a republic in 1963 on its one-year independence anniversary.


  • Britain declared a protectorate over all of present-day Uganda in 1894.
  • The British rule faced the first revolutionary nationalism from 1945 through 1949 after the World War II.
  • There were urban strikes and rural protests.
  • The British in return tried to include African participation in the economy.
  • African participation in the government also grew by 1950s.
  • Uganda People’s Congress was established by Milton Obote in 1960.
  • The formation of the congress saw the national demands for independence become more apparent
  • In October 1962, Uganda gained independence and Milton Obote became the first Prime Minister.
  • Uganda gained the status of a republic in 1963.


Independence Day in Uganda is a national holiday and is celebrated in each of the 72 districts with great fervour

  • The national celebrations are held in the Kololo ceremonial grounds. Kololo is the capital of Uganda.
  • The president of the country presides over the events.
  • The president addresses the nation with the Independence Day speech.
  • There are parades and cultural events showcasing the different traditions and cultures of the Ugandans.
  • Heads of other countries like Burundi, Kenya and Tanzania are guests in the celebrations.
  • Various Ugandan dignitaries and diplomats also attend the event.
  • People in all the 72 districts of the nation step out of their houses to celebrate the Independence Day.
  • Ugandans light candles in memory of the heroes who fought for the independence of the nation.
  • It is a day for joy and cheer with a promise of working towards a bright future.

The Independence Day is considered to be Uganda’s uniting holiday.


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