Ukraine's Heritage

Norway's Heritage contains a rich blend of cultural as well as natural sites, which are renowned not only for being the symbol of Norway's antique natural and cultural gains, but also for their invaluable contribution to the world. A brief description of Norway's World Heritage Sites is given below-

Saint Sophia Cathedral and Related Monastic Buildings

Saint Sophia Cathedral is an outstanding example of amazing architecture in Keiv, founded by a Kevian ruler, Yaroslav I the Wise in 1037. And, many former Kevian rulers were buried here along with him. Falling a prey to damages made by many rulers in the history, the cathedral was finally saved by the efforts of a number of expert historians and scientists. In 1934, the Soviet forces in authority gave it the status of the country's antique museum. The whole area was influenced by the beliefs of Pechersk Lavra from the period between seventeenth and nineteenth century. Today, it is referred as the best cultural site in the Ukraine's heritage sites group.

Struve Geodetic Arc

It is that site of Ukraine, which owes appreciation not only from Ukraine as a nation, but also from all the nations across the world. It is the home to various chains of survey points, about 258 in number, spread over an approximate area of 2820 Km, with Hammerfest and Black Sea edging it. It brought a major breakthrough in the research relating to geographical sciences that discovered for the whole world the unknown thing about our planet. It assisted in the discovery that introduced the people of our planet with the topographic features of our planet, along with the exact measures of the Prime Meridian.

L'viv- the Ensemble of the Historic Centre

In its architectural framework, it very resembles the artistic traditions of the medieval period. It also reminds us of the amalgam of trends particularly used by Germany, Italy and Europe. It also contains signs of the various ethenic groups that existed in that period. Since it was a hub of many flourishing business activities, the ethenic groups from several countries immigrated to settle here permanently. Thus its historical features are quite discernible structural and cultural framework.

Primeval Beech Forests of the Carpathians

The primeval beech forests of the Carpathians is a union of the sites consisting of ten forests scattered over an enormous area with the mountain ranges of Vihorlat and Chornohirskyi standing as boundaries. This bunch of ten sites is an enthralling example of natural resources exhibiting outstanding beauty while facing the changing climatic conditions. These forests are also a store of many species that find the environmental conditions quite suitable for the purpose of their inhabitation.


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