National Heroes of Ukraine

The very early revolutionary steps in Ukraine were took place in the 11th century. In spite of being vanquished in the attempt, the desire to achieve independence never weakened. In the proceeding years, after the transfer of throne from Stalin to Khrushyov-Bregnev and the inhuman treatment of the Boshelvik rulers, which led to the endurance of the Ukranian people, the valiant heroes that constituted the Ukranian Resistance Army waged a battle against power of colonialism. Also, there emerged many clusters of revolutionaries who adopted different means including the violent and non-violent in order to pave their way to meet their sole objective, which was freedom. The unsympathetic and brutal forces of the Soviet Union led to the deaths of many soldiers, many of whose names are also not known.

The first thing that led the people of Ukraine to rebel was the despotism of the colonizers. The first rebellion marked the beginning of the intense nationalist movement that resulted in the involvement of various leaders that eventually became the heroes of Ukraine.

A very well known league assembled together for its formation in the year 1958, the time before the final wars took place. And the prime members of this league were the peasants and workers whose leader and motivator was Levko Lukyanenko. The forces of USSR suppressed the union to become a recognized organization by issuing a death verdict to Levko Lukyanenko and by arresting the other active revolutionary members. After this the year 1970 saw the emergence of many other groups that whose motivation was nationalism.

The year, which made the national movement all the more powerful, was 1980. It was the Ukranian Resistance Army and Nationalist Organization of Ukraine that acted as the main parties, which continued with their attempts and became aggressive towards the colonizers after the Second World War. However, in this battle, a lot of political repression, torture and killings were the results that the freedom struggle of Ukraine had to face. Many brave soldiers of the URA and the Nationalist Organization lost their lives in order to gain independence for Ukraine. Their contribution can never be neglected and will always be motivation for the proceeding generations.


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