4th of July Celebrations



United States of America celebrates the 4th of July as the Independence Day, the day the most cherished document of the Americans, the Declaration of Independence was signed. This day is a federal holiday and the whole of America joins in the celebrations with a sense of pride and patriotism.

A Peek into the History

We all know the New World, as America was known, came into existence with Columbus' first voyage in 1492. The British found their stronghold here with the colonization of Georgia in 1732. The 13 colonies under the British got the name of United States of America.

  • These 13 colonies had to pay taxes to England's King George III despite having no representation in the British Parliament which led to discontentment and dissatisfaction.
  • On June 11, 1776, these colonies formed a committee with the express purpose of severing all ties with Great Britain.
  • The Declaration of Independence thus came into existence with a final draft written on July 4, 1776.
  • The celebration of Independence Day of United States of America started on July 4th, 1777 with bonfires, bells and firecracker.
  • The Declaration of Independence symbolises liberty and political freedom for the Americans.
  • Today, America is a federal republic, consisting of 50 states and a federal district.


Public Celebrations

  • Boston and Philadelphia, which are the historic cities, attract huge crowds to their festivities.
  • The USS John F. Kennedy often sails into the harbour in Boston.
  • The banks of the Charles River become festive with the televised performance of the Boston Pops Orchestra.
  • Celebrations in Philadelphia are held in the Independence Hall. The historic scenes of the entire process of the birth of the Declaration of Independence are re enacted, culminating with the Declaration of Independence being read.
  • Flagstaff, Arizona also joins in the festivities with American Indian rodeo and a three-day pow-wow.
  • There is a Lititz candle festival in Arizona. Hundreds of candles are set afloat on the water and a “Queen of Candles" is chosen.
  • Political leaders can be seen giving public speeches and participating in parades.


Ideas for Celebrations

  • Organise a fun craft competition which includes creating anything related to the nation for the kids. The children can showcase their talent and also get in to the patriotic spirit. Most importantly it will keep them busy while you can enjoy your glass of wine.
  • Gather your friends, relatives, neighbours including children and even your pets. Go out together to a picnic spot, or maybe the lawn in your neighbourhood, or to see a parade. All of you can contribute to the stock of beverages, and finger food. Collect them on a wagon with wheels, take them along and munch on as you all have fun together.
  • Have fun and even stay fit. Along with friends and family go cycling to the different locations in your city. Do not forget to take you backpacks loaded with goodies and treats.
  • Go to a water front along with family and friends. The larger the group the more fun it s going to be. The waterfront could be a lake, or if you are lucky, a beach. Organise lounge chairs, beach towels, and all the goodies and beverages that you can get your hands on. Splash in water, be barefoot, and have loads of fun.


Independence Day of various Countries
Argentina Australia Belgium Brazil Canada Columbia Costa Egypt France Germany
India Iran Ghana Kenya Macedonia Malaysia New Zealand Nigeria North Korea Norway
Pakistan Peru Russia Saudi Arabia Srilanka South Africa South Korea USA Zimbabwe

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