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Demographics of Venezuela

An analysis of the prevalent demographic situation of any country provides with innumerable unknown facts and interesting information. An overview of the demographics of Venezuela gives you a fair knowledge of the different aspects of life in the very country.

Different evidences suggest that human habitation in the country of Venezuela began around 15000 years, primarily invaded by varied ethnic groups such as Caribs. It was only towards the end of 1522 that the Europeans colonized Venezuela, with the advent of the Spanish empire. From time to time, Venezuela witnessed a series of uprisings and revolt but finally under the able leadership of Fransisco de Miranda, the natives achieved independence on 5 th July in 1811. Simon Bolivar also known as ‘El Liberator' with the help of José Antonio Páez and Antonio José de Sucre declared sovereignty towards the later half of 19 th century. From 19 th century till the present time, the country has undergone political turmoil at different times, but still paved the way for economic development of the country without compromising on the political instability.

Venezuelan culture has been a melting pot of diverse ethnic groups primarily influenced by American Indians, Africans and Spanish. Only towards the end of 20 th century, the indigenous demographics of Venezuela witnessed a change with a flush new wave of immigration from other countries like Italy, Portugal, Germany and from the neighboring countries of South America. However, Spanish influence is more evident coupled with invariable tinges of Latin American culture well reflected in its cuisine, festivals and traditions.

Statistics indicate that Venezuela is the sixth most populous country in the South American continent. More than 85% of the population lives in the urban area primarily in the northern part due to its rich fertile land. Other areas include the southern part of Orinoco River which in fact steadily contributes to the higher growth of population. While 96% of the population believes in the Roman Catholic faith the rest comprises of Islam, Protestants and Judaism. Thus, with the passage of time demographics of Venezuela has undergone significant changes in order to necessitate a rapid phase of development.

The recent statistics of the demography of Venezuela indicates---

Total population ---24.2million

Growth rate --- 1.56%

G.D.P growth per capita income --- 3%

Total Fertility Rate ---

Rate of percentage

0-14 years of age: 29.9% (male: 3,909,876/female: 3,667,958)

15-64 years of age: 65% (male: 8,209,599/female: 8,209,599)

65 years of age and up: 5.1%(male: 590,236/female: 710,357) offers you interesting insights on Demographics of Venezuela. Keep surfing through the pages of our website for more details.


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