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Places to visit in Venezuela

Venezuela is home to some of the best exotic locations and diverse landscapes which make it an ideal tourist destination. There are many places to visit in Venezuela characterized by wide attractive physical features and marvelous edifices and world class architectural landmarks. If Venezuela is the holiday destination, then these places to visit in Venezuela are a must see.

Here's providing you with relevant insights on some of the important places to visit in Venezuela---

• Margarita Island---

Widely known for its vast stretches of coastline and striking exotic beaches, Margarita Island is a part of the Caribbean archipelago, located towards the northeastern part of the capital city of Carcass. Fantastic ancient white churches, lush picturesque castles and scintillating market places coupled together with an array of food outlets scattered at every nook and corner of this island makes it an ideal choice for revelers who love to jostle in varied adventurous activities.

• Carcass---
With its varied tourist attractions, the capital city of

Carcass is an ideal destination for tourists around the globe. Regarded as one of the most populous city in Venezuela, it is situated at an altitude of 800 m above the sea level. The moderate climate combined together with its innumerable panoramic views and cosmopolitan culture makes it no less than a romantic paradise. World class shopping malls, range of luxurious hotels, wonderful recreation parks and flourishing trade and industry typify Carcass as one of the teeming cities of Venezuela.

• Los Llanos---
If you want to know more about the great wildlife and experience the scenic beauty of rural Venezuela, come down to the beautiful land of Los Llanos. The unmatched flora and fauna of the region makes it an ideal tourist destination. The beauty of the two seasons blends well and creates a metamorphosis of a spectacular natural sight, which is worth seeing.

• Morrocoy---
The blue coral waters amidst the exotic beaches coupled together with brilliant landscapes and vivid wildlife features contributes to its growing popularity as a well designed tourist spot of Venezuela. However, the major highlight of this land is the Morrocoy National Park which is built between two villages of Tucacas and Chichiriviche. The presence of different varieties of animal and plant species makes it an ideal spot for nature lovers.

Thus, the list is endless and each place of visit in Venezuela has its own distinct characteristics which are hard to ignore. presents you varied interesting information on places to visit in Venezuela, keep navigating through the pages of our website for more details.


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